Taking on Atlanta with SABRE Safety

When I was in high school, I always walked to school. I lived about half a mile from my school, so walking through my neighborhood was a no-brainer. That being said, a morning never failed when my mom would say goodbye to me and yell after me to look over my shoulder and be safe. Ever since then, she would say the same right before I hung up the phone after catching up while I was in college and now, as I live in a very busy city, she always tells me to look over my shoulder. 

Although it’s a nice reminder to look over my shoulder and be aware of my surroundings, it’s an even better feeling to know your surroundings and feel prepared in the event that anything threatening would be there when I looked. One of my biggest worries about moving to Atlanta was feeling safe. This city has a crime rate that is above the national median and has been a constant threat to the safety of the locals here. As a young woman in a gigantic and unfamiliar city, that’s enough to scare anyone, even a little bit. 

Since moving, I never leave the house (not even to take my trash out) without pepper spray. Now, with SABRE, I feel even safer. Today, I’m partnering with SABRE safety products to share with you smart and simple safety products to make you feel safer on campus, in a new city, or just walking out and about. SABRE Safety offers a wide variety of products to secure your person and your home and minimize threats to you. These critically acclaimed products have been seen on the Today Show, in Elle, InStyle, People and Business Insider. 

Although I always carry the Campus Safety Pepper Gel with me when I’m out of my apartment, I love the Personal Alarm Keychain that comes in the Apartment Alarm Kit that sounds a blaring alarm in seconds and flashes red when in an emergency. Another product I love is the Runner Series Pepper Spray. Although the street I run on is walkable, having pepper spray that wraps around my palm and carries like a runner's baton, makes me feel secure when I’m out in public. 

SABRE has been equipping customers with personal and home safety products since 2005 and are A+ rated by the BBB. They even are partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and have helped fund over 20,000 mammograms with the sale of their iconic pink pepper spray. Shop SABRE products here and start feeling safer today! 

*Thank you SABRE Safety and InfluenceHer Collective for sponsoring this post*