The J.Crew Sale You NEED to Shop

J. Crew is having a sale on their sale section. Yes, a double sale. Right now, you can use the code "TAKENOTE" for an additional 50% off everything in J. Crew's overflowing sale section. This is the sale you need to shop. I know it seems like every sale is a "must shop" but when I say in blog posts "I found this cashmere sweater at J. Crew for $27" I shopped for it via this sale.

All year long, I shop J. Crew both in store and online and rarely purchase anything outside of the sale section. I sit, wait, and watch the prices slowly fall throughout the months. It's tough exercising patience for your favorite pair of $200 shoes, but the rewards are so worth it. The cheetah platform espadrilles that I wanted so badly in July are now $35. No, I didn't get to walk around in the newest pair of shoes from J. Crew last summer, but saving $165 on a pair of shoes is a much bigger shopping victory.

I combed through the sale section yesterday -all 31 pages of it- and picked out my favorite pieces. Although these are mostly spring and summer items, it's a great time to shop for 2020 fashion seasons on a budget. The sale also features some great denim, workwear, shoes, accessories, and basics in the sale for 365-day use.