The Pre-Fall Fashion You Need

Well, it’s time to start shopping for fall. Yes, I just said the F word. Fall. Can you believe it?! I personally thrive during fall fashion season. I love how simple or extravagant you can make any outfit. I also love layering, leggings, Barbour jackets, and anything cheetah print -- all perfectly acceptable during fall. 

I won’t jump the gun quite yet though. There’s a wonderful time of year, around September and early October that I relish and I call it “pre-fall”. I call it that because Virginia is bi-polar and September is still 70 degrees on average and October is still pretty toasty if you’re outside for a long time. It doesn’t really get chilly until night time. This bi-polar mid-Atlantic weather thus creates a wonderful time for fashion where you can wear your favorite sweaters without covering up with a bulky parka and you can wear your favorite loafers without having the wind nipping at your ankles. 

When I shop pre-fall I stick to classic colors. Nothing too bright or loud. Neutrals are my go-to because I can layer everything with one another and the clothing can be styled together. That means I’m shopping navy, cream, black, beige, brown, gray, caramel, hunter green and cranberry red. I’ll even throw in a hue of cloudy blue and a dusty pink to keep things exciting. Although the color palate isn’t as bold as your favorite Lilly Pulitzer shift, it leaves room for immense wardrobe creativity and endless ensemble combinations. 

Dressing for fall also makes for a great time to combine old, classic styles with newer trends that are current in fashion. Styling a distressed mini skirt with a mock sweater and a classic blazer is so chic. Or swapping riding boots for over the knee boots with your favorite sweater dress. 

No matter your style, there is plenty of room for interpretation and personal touches with pre-fall fashion. I picked out my favorite pieces below and you can shop them all at the bottom of the post! 

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