Weekly Skinny: April 6th

Happy Monday! I'm currently sitting at my desk navigating online classes and listening to the entire Kacey Musgraves discography as we face another week of Quarantine. Good news though is that VA is due for some seriously beautiful weather. I'm talking sunny and 72 for the next four days. I plan on spending every minute away from classes and WFH on the dock by the lake reading "A Good Year" by Peter Mayle.

It's also Holy Week. Although we aren't spending our Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday in a sanctuary, it's still important that we prepare our hearts and minds for Christ's sacrifice. I've been reading extra scripture, daily psalms and sending up a few extra prayers (especially for our heroic healthcare employees!). Also, this is the last week that I have to forgo drinking La Croix and Diet Coke due to my lenten promise of having no carbonated beverages for the past 40 days. #AlmostThere! Here's what I'm loving this week!

SheIn Bow Shoulder Swimsuit - We're all dreaming about swimsuit season (or any season where we can be out of the house) and I for one am not counting out summer quite yet. That being said, I'm not splurging on swimsuits seeing as vacation is still up in the air. This chic swimsuit is worth every penny. It's timeless, affordable and can double as a bodysuit. It's perfect for summer and since it's black, you'll look tanner too! Use my code 1ddfprep for 15% off your purchase!

Bon Appetit April Fools - If there's one thing that brings me immense joy this quarantine, it's the Bon Appetit test kitchen. For April Fools Day the Bon Appetit test kitchen staff all swapped shows. Chris and Brad took over Gourmet Makes, Molly took over Back to Back Chefs and Claire took over It's Alive and the whole affair was the best entertainment.

Two Popes on Netflix - It's Holy Week so take the time to watch Two Popes to celebrate. This Oscar-winning film follows the transition from Pope Benedict XVI to Pope Francis. It's on Netflix and was absolutely captivating. Both Popes were extremely controversial but this movie makes you see both popes in an entirely different light.

Fran Acciardo's Quarantine Cocktails - If there's one thing we can all agree on while social-distancing, it's that having a drink at virtually any time of the day is acceptable. My friend Fran took some inspiration from Quarantine and ended up developing a COVID-19 cocktail menu - these drinks are delicious y'all. They're easy and you can easily swap ingredients with something else to customize your drink.

Gucci Look-A-Likes- I'm still in the midst applying to and interviewing for jobs, so although my shopping and spending has slowed, these Gucci look-a-likes were too beautiful to not add to my business wardrobe. I wish I could afford the real thing, but when in a saving mood, these shoes are perfect additions to your shoe collection without breaking the bank. Use my code 1ddfprep for 15% off your purchase!

The Plot Against America - Since we're all binging shows, add this one to your list. The Plot Against America is now airing weekly on HBO. The Philip Roth alternative-history novel of the same title is now on the screen and follows a Jewish family from New Jersey during World War II as Charles Lindberg captures the presidency and turns the nation towards Fascism, steering the USA away from democracy.