Weekly Skinny: July 31st

Can you believe it's the last day of July? Where has the summer gone? I guess eat, work, sleep, repeat makes for a pretty fast paced few months. In just two and a half weeks I'll be back in Harrisonburg and I can't contain myself. I need to get back into my routine as soon as possible. I miss my friends, my apartment and the JMU atmosphere in general.

During these last few weeks home though, I am going to enjoy spending time with my family. I'm also going to enjoy the last few days of a *larger paycheck* since the library can only be so lucrative. When I return to school I know I won't enjoy going back to grocery shopping or cleaning my bathtub, that's for sure! In the meantime, let's catch up on my favorites from the past few weeks.

Qupid Platform Sneakers -- Casual sneakers are still in the height of fashion and don't seem to be making an exit anytime soon. I was shopping down on Cary Street last weekend and came across these platform cheetah print sneakers. They were so cute, I thought they would have been out of my budget but turns out they're only $35. That's it! They also come in white and snakeskin if leopard isn't your style. They run true to size and are really comfortable!

Mad Men -- I finished Downton Abbey this week (and sobbed). So, I sought out my list on shows to watch. Although I almost started Outlander, I decided to go with Mad Men for two reasons. 1) Jon Hamm and 2) Kiernan Shipka. Those two actors alone have convinced me to watch Mad Men and wow, is it good! I can't get over the 60's style and NYC hustle that are so prominently displayed throughout the series.

Matera Modern Sunglasses -- I needed a sunglasses upgrade but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Instagram target marketing does a great job I'll tell you, because these sunglasses came up on my feed and I instantly ordered them. They're from Free People and are sold out online but still available in some stores. They also come in a reading glasses version. The price is great too -- just $25!

Finley Set -- Princess Polly is a new store on my radar recently. I've been doing a lot of recruitment shopping at this online boutique and now find my cart full of things that I shouldn’t buy but want to sobadly! This set is a loungewear set that I would honestly wear out to run errands. The top itself can be worn with jeans and I love the neutral colors for an easy transition to fall.

Instagram Frames -- As I'm nearing my return for my final year of school, I'm also eyeing a few pieces I want to add to my apartment. These elements are things I can take with me to my next apartment as I take on the real world (hopefully in NYC). These frames are gold framed, 8x8 squares with a thick mat, leaving room for a 4x4 photo. I plan on framing these in a grid above my desk with 8 of my favorite photos in black and white. You can buy these frames in one set for $54.

Knit Dress -- Again with the word 'fall', but wow would this dress be perfect for September and October! I love the oatmeal hue because it's a blank canvas to enhance with accessories. I can already see an over the knee boot or sneaker with this dress, a hair scarf, and some fun gold jewelry for a night out!