Weekly Skinny: June 3rd

First, I want to say that I am sending you peace and hope. It seems like every month we turn on the news to fight another horrible moment in history and watching the news is unbearable some days. I hope you are using this time to educate and reflect. At the end of dark nights the sun still rises and there are so many positives that each day brings if we choose to look for them so I encourage you to do so. 💗

This week is my second week as a Georgia resident and big things are happening. I had my first day "in the office" and signed on an apartment lease! See my bedroom decor here. I move on Friday and can't wait to unpack and start feeling at home here in the peach state. Today I'm bringing you another weekly skinny full of my current favorite fashion and lifestyle finds.

Tanologist Self-Tan Water - Since we've been cooped up since March I didn't get to go on my senior beach trip I had planned for the second week of May. To mimic the tan I planned on getting during the trip, I tried out the Tanologist Water. I was on the hunt for the mousse but I'm happy I purchased the water instead. This works so well and I saw a natural, but very clear tan after two uses. This water has minimal streaking and doesn't get on clothing or sheets. It's also extremely affordable and can be found at Target.

Gucci Look-A-Like Mules - Going to the office has finally given me a reason to wear shoes other than Birkenstocks or sneakers. I've been holding on to these Gucci look-a-likes for three months now and finally wore them to work today. They're under $30 and are so comfy because of their padded sole. Use code 1ddfprep for 15% off!

Archer Farms Spanakopita - Since I'm in temporary housing until I move, I've been eating a lot of prepared food for dinner just to minimize cleanup in a home that isn't mine. I picked up these Archer Farms spanakopitas and have since bought two more packs of them. They're so flavorful and can be doctored up with at home spices and ingredients. Pair them with a simple Greek salad and you have yourself a filling dinner!

PastaQueen on TikTok - The PastaQueen on TikTok brings me so much joy and grows my grocery list with each video. This Italian brother/sister duo brings easy and authentic Italian meals to your TikTok feed on a daily basis. I can't wait to make homemade bruschetta and vodka sauce once I get into my kitchen this weekend.

Pebbled AirPod Case - If you've been a reader for a while you've probably caught on to the fact that I love technology. My favorite piece of tech I own though are my AirPods. Easily the best investment for any student or working woman! I can't wait to add a pebbled AirPod case to my keys to carry around my headphones on the go.

Life is Gucci Print - Another piece for my home, this Life is Gucci poster is from Dormify for under $30. I love the simplicity and old school look of this print. It doesn't come framed but I can't wait to hang it with a gold frame and mat in my new home.