Weekly Skinny: September 24

I love the start of fall because that's when award show season kicks off, new shows come back, new movies come out and new albums are released. I feel like in the past 10 days, I've seen every blogger on earth switch from summer to fall and trends in fashion and lifestyle are starting to shift from nights out to cozy evenings in. I was saying just yesterday how I think I already need a snow day. Just one day where I physically can't leave the house or spend any money. A day to just sit on the couch with my roommates and watch movies until we fall asleep. Those days will be here before we know it!

This week is pretty relaxed compared to others. A few writing assignments and quizzes to do, but other than that there's not too much going on! I was lucky enough to sneak away from Harrisonburg for a few hours on Saturday and visit my parents at the UVA game just 45 minutes down the road in Charlottesville. It's always nice to catch up on life with the two of them and see a few friends too!

XLE the Label Cozy Collection - XLE sent me a big box full of their first release cozy line back in February and let me tell you, it is the best lounge wear on the market. It's unique, comfortable, well made, stylish and affordable. The line features sweatpants, joggers, tops, and sweaters perfect to add to your wardrobe for fall. My personal favorite are the Greg Knitted Pants. This like is selling so fast, so make sure to shop now!

Downton Abbey Movie - Tears were shed. If you missed this dynamic atmosphere upstairs/downstairs, then you need to run, not walk to your closet movie theater and see Downton Abbey. This movie wrapped up everyone's story in a neat little bow, just as the English nobility would prefer. There is also a character named Lucy Smith and she did my name proud, making connections with Tom Branson and all!

Leopard Sock Boots - These shoes are the first thing on my shopping wishlist. They are perfect for nights out from now through February. By now, readers know just how much I love cheetah print and although I already have three pairs of cheetah print shoes, I'm thinking a fourth is necessary!

Game of Thrones at the Emmy's - With the Emmy's over, the celebration of Game of Thrones is coming to an official stop. I started binging this show in the fall of 2017 and have been obsessed ever since. No synopsis needed, this show re-wrote television history, broke records, created stars, and became the most popular television show in the history of the world. Although I still could debate about season eight for hours on end, the cast and crew got what was deserved last night and won Best Drama Series.

The Making of Hustlers with J.Lo - I still haven't seen Hustlers but hope to make it to the movie theater soon. This movie is star-studded and features both your favorite singers and actresses alike. If you can't get enough of the movie, watch Jennifer Lopez's YouTube for behind the scenes mini-episodes on the making of the film. She shares how she prepped for her scenes, balances family-career life and there are even some shots with ARod.

Vogue's Emmy's Best Dressed List - I live and die by red carpet looks each award show season and last night was no different. Although the Oscars always take the cake with fashion statements, the Emmy's had a few leading ladies. Vogue dishes on who was the best dressed.

College Admissions Scandal on Lifetime - Another film must see. We all watched (and are still watching) the infamous College Admissions Scandal unfold. This October, Lifetime is premiering a feature dramatization of the entire thing. Although it uses fake names, and slightly alters the story by changing details, we all really know what this film is based on. Watch the first trailer here.