What's In My Backpack: Senior Year

Another year, another "What's In My Backpack" post. I think this is my final what’s in my backpack. Wow. WOW! I’ve done a “what’s in my backpack” post every single year since high school and this one is my final installment to the series. I’ve been back in classes for a week now and I think I’ve found a rhythm in what’s in my backpack. Today I am sharing everything in my backpack. Yes. Everything. Every little cosmetic, toiletry, book, charger that I keep with me. 

The thing about this post is now that I’m in college I carry far less than I ever did in high school. I don’t carry lunch anymore, I don’t carry textbooks, I barely carry school supplies either. I operate almost entirely off of my computer, which has changed quite a bit since freshman year. If you want to shop what’s in my backpack, things are linked below.

In my backpack, I keep an extra folder for a few stray papers and readings. Most professors don't have hand outs and things of that nature, but a few do which is why I keep a folder with me. I also have a one subject notebook with me because I'm taking a physics class and need paper to work out my math. This is also why I keep a graphing calculator with me. I thought I left that behind when I changed my major -- I guess not! I also always have my agenda on me. This year, I kept things simple and found a daily planner from the Target May Designs collection. It's a simpler Day Designer essentially and I saved $50 by going to Target. Lastly, I always keep a reading book with me. I spend a lot of my days sitting at the front desk at work and sometimes I finish my homework and have extra time. Right now I'm reading Game of Thrones in hopes for a better ending to the books!

I also always have my phone, keys, AirPods and wallet on me. I love my AirPods. I can't stress enough how wonderful they are. They are worth every penny and yes, stay in your ears very easily! The case charges them so even when they're not plugged in, they're still charging.

In my front compartment of my backpack I keep miscellaneous things. First, I keep a spare MacBook charger and iPhone charger with me. Perks of working at the library is that we can pick through all the chargers in the lost and found after a certain amount of time. I now have a computer charger for my backpack, apartment, and home back in Richmond. I also keep a toiletry bag full of goodies like Advil, cough drops, tampons, Crystal Light packets, pads, chapstick and lipgloss. I also carry tea bags and Splenda packets with me because if you bring a reusable mug, the Starbucks on campus gives you free hot water.

The last things I keep in my backpack is an umbrella in case it rains, a reusable water bottle and an extra protein bar. I love the Fiber One protein bars, specifically the cookies and cream ones. If you have suggestions as to what else I need to add, leave a comment! I would love to hear from you! 

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